1. Yes, they do on special request. First, we need to obtain hard copies and then proceed to apply for electronic transcripts. Please call +91 9941 9914 02 for more details.

  1. Hi , I am Venkat, i got my transcripts sent to wes completely and ECA done very quickly. Thanks 100transcripts team for doing it in timely manner, especially Rahul, who guided me in every step.

  2. Hi I’m valli, I would like to know that how to get a transcript and principal sign from a closed college . I finished long back ago. How could I send my transcripts to WES. I’m out of country now can you help me in this.

    1. Hi Valli, we did not receive the university name & year of passed to answer you better. However lets dive.

      In usual scenarios, though a college is closed they maintain a POC in the same campus/ they move the data to the new college that is replaced the old college.

      Assuming it’s JNTUH: If passed before 2002, principal signature is needed. In case, college is closed then you need to convey the same manually at counter no. 3 of JNTUH.

      Assuming it’s JNTUK: If the college is closed permanently you need to explain the same manually at JNTUK counter & they have a college closed list to verify. If your college name is found in the list they will accept the application.

      Assuming it’s JNTUA: If the college is closed permanently, you need to show the originals, they will accept the application.

  3. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    Hi, would like to record my appreciation for this team, I passed out of Andhra Loyola College in Andhra way way ago and had not visited the state since passing out so I did not know how to get my transcripts done this was when I stumbled upon 100Transcripts.com I had a complete professional service and was even guided on the WES application form. Payment was comparatively cheaper than other providers and the courier reached on time( Canada ) Thanks a Ton

    1. Hi Yaser Shaik, DR. N.T.R UNIVERSITY OF HEALTH SCIENCES takes upto 15 working days.
      Also they keep the originals for 4 days for the verification.
      CMM, all sem. wise memos & Degree originals need to be submitted for the verification

  4. Guys whats the new process for kakinda JNTU without visiting to college I heard now we need to send the documents directly to wes ? is there any online process for JNTU kakinada

  5. Hi Team,
    I am looking for the sealed Transcripts hard copy from JNTUK. Not for WES but I required it to post to my address from university.

    What is the procedure do I need to follow in this scenario?

  6. HI team , I need transcripts service for my Masters Degreee from Andhra University. Please let me know the procedure and cost you charge for the same. Will share you the IQAS details accordingly.

    Please call me for further communicaiton : 9000745598

  7. i want original degree from acharya nagarjuna university i have the application filled and signed by principal can u provide the service i can send the xerox and application

  8. Hi Team – I would like do the process online. Can you please help me with the process to complete the transcripts on behalf of me? I stay in Canada.

  9. Hi, I need to send my Diploma Transcripts to WES Canada. I have completed my Diploma in 2005 from Andhra Polytechnic Kakinada, at that time collage is under SBTET Hyderabad but now states got divided and we have SBTET AP in place. Can you suggest me where I can apply my transcripts from?


    1. Hi Niranjan, You will get the Transcripts @ SBTET Vijayawada. At the time of AP & Telangana partition, the students data also divided based on the college location.

      • As per the SBTET-Vijayawada policies, originals are mandatory for them for the verification that takes ONE day.
      • Applicants need to send the originals to any of our centers in Hyderabad/ Vijayawada/ Kakinada/ Anantapur/ Vizag/ Chennai/ Nellore/ Chittoor whatever near to you. Reach us in WhatsApp for more details.

  10. Good Afternoon,

    I am looking for an assitance to courier my Post Graduation and Graduation transcripts for the ECA Canada to IQAS body.

    I have studied Post Graduation from Osmania University, Graduation 1st and 2nd year from Kakatiya University, Warangal, and final year from Osmania University.

    Kindly do let me know the process, required documents, and time frame to reach the documents to the receipient.

  11. Hi Team,
    I studied in JNTU Hyderabad campus . Can you please provide process details to get transcripts and send directly to WES .As I am out of country currently not able to do it in person. If it can be done by your team entirely let me know how to contact.

    1. Hi Kumar, Since JNTUH campus is having a college i.e JNTUH College of Engineering which is autonomous.

      You need to get the signatures from the both JNTUH College of Engineering Hyderabad (Autonomous) & JNTUH University as well.

      Yes, it can be thru us. Just click on the next WhatsApp link & connect with us.

    1. Hi Ram, Principal attestation is needed on the photocopies to apply the Transcripts at JNTUA. In case if you can not get the principal signature the you would need to show the originals for the verification at the JNTUA. Either of them is fine for JNTUA.

  12. Thank you so much Mr. Rahul and your team from 100 Transcripts for doing such a great job. I will definitely recommend this organization to my friends and well wishers. Thank you so much again. 🙂

  13. Hello guys,

    I need help for WES evaluation for my wife and me. I have a B.Tech from GITAM University and My wife has a B.Sc from St. Francis College for Women affiliated to Osmania University.

    We need transcripts from GITAM and OU/St. Francis for WES ECA. Please let us know if assistance can be provided and what are documents needed.

    Thank you.

  14. I need to send transcripts for WES evaluation of my graduation from K L University Please let me know the process through 100 Transcripts as I cant go to the universities. Kindly suggest and do the needful

  15. what is the SBI online amount to be paid for getting transcripts (Marks memo + Provisional Certificate) attested by JNTU Kakinada?

  16. I need to send transcripts for WES evaluation of my graduation (from JNTUK) and Post graduation (from K L University) Please let me know the process through 100 Transcripts as I cant go to the universities. Kindly suggest and do the needful

  17. Please tell me the documents required to get transcripts for my B.Com & MBA from Ambedkar open university & JNTU Anantapur university respectively to apply for NASBA.

    1. Hi Sreeltha,

      There are 2 campuses for HCU.
      If your course is distance education then you need to visit HCU-Abids, if regular then it’s HCU-Gachibowli.

      They charge 200 INR per document fee & 7 working days max.
      Don’t forget to take A4 size covers while going to HCU Gachibowli.

      If you would like to start with us please follow the below.
      or reach out our support team in WhatsApp by clicking here -> https://wa.me/+919941991402/

  18. Thanks a ton for your timely support Rahul.its very hard to keep the promised SlA in this covid times..much appreciated work by you..Thanks again Rahul and Team 🙂

  19. Can you please tell me about how to get transcript from Dr NTR university of health sciences Vijayawada for immigration purpose.

  20. Hi
    I need WES process from Osmania University for my degree and Marks sheet (Transcripts ) from Anwar Ul uloom college. As this college is Autonomous university will not send transcripts to WES.

    Please tell me procedure, duration and charges.


    1. Hi Mushtaq, I also need to do ECA with WES. Do you know the complete process? Can you please share the details plz.

  21. Hi Team

    May I know the procedure to apply Wes from JNTU Ananthapur and let me know what details are required. Currently in Canada and cannot travel to University to get any attestation from principal.

  22. Hi I need assistance in getting my transcript from Andhra University sent to WES in Canada. What is the first step?
    I would also prefer communication via email.

  23. I need to send my graduation (from Acharya Nagarjuna University) and post graduation (VIT University, Vallore) transcripts for WES validation. please let me know if you can help with VIT University.. Thanks, Bhanu

  24. Hi Shilpa, Below is the answer to your queries.

    1. 🔖Docs needed for the WES
    👉CMM OR year wise marks memos copies
    👉Degree OR Provisional
    👉WES Academic form.

    2. Yes 👍CMM is more than sufficient. WES only checks your qualification. You just need to show you passed all subjects. It can be in any format. Nothing else.

    3. Manual hand written memos are fine ✔ as long as they are issued by the university.

    For more queries you can call us ☎ +91 9941 9914 02/ 📧Email@ support@100Transcripts.com/ WhatsApp live chat 📲 with our support team@ https://wa.me/+919941991402/?text=Hi

    -Team, 💯 Transcripts.

  25. Need the process of getting MBA transcripts from Andhra University for WES. Do we need semester wise marksheets or CMM will be enough? and in my case CMM is handwritten. Will it be accepted by WES or anything need to be done. Please advise.

    1. Hi Priyanka, You need to get principal attestation on CMM, OD, WES form, JNTUK form & Authorization letter.
      Then send those hard copies to our Kakinada point. We will take it from there.

      Please drop an email to support@100Transcripts.com. We will send a folder with all required forms & its samples. It will be useful for you even if you are doing by your self.