JNTU Kakinada Transcripts

If you don’t wish to travel to JNTUK, you can directly go to Our Online Method at bottom or call us @9941 9914 02.

Update on May 3rd, 2021: -JNTUK started accepting self attested documents as well. Principal signature is not mandatory.

JNTUK also sends Electronics transcripts to IEE/ WES/ IQAS/ ICES/ CES

For JNTUK first you need to get the below documents ready.

Step1: If you are travelling on your own, below are the 5 documents required to apply JNTUK transcripts.

1. Self/ Principal attestation on CMM or semester memos.
2. Self/ Principal attestation on PC or Degree.
3. Self/ Principal attestation on the JNTUK Transcripts application form.
4. Self/ Principal attestation on the attached IEE/ WES form (for WES Canada/ US)

Step2: To use our Online service:

-> Once the above documents are ready, please revert to the email-support@100Transcripts.com with the filled application form.

-> If the application is looking fine, then we will share our Kakinada center address to dispatch the Hard copies.

-> You will have to dispatch the self/ Principal hard copies.

Our Online Method:

If you are not willing to travel Kakinada and to use our Canada Delivery services to complete the process on behalf of you.

  1. Please send an email- JNTUKtranscripts@gmail.com/call us @ +91 9941 9914 02,
    Live Chat our support number: / / WhatsApp Live Chat
  2. We at 100 TRANSCRIPTS Travel to JNTU Kakinada on behalf of our clients/ Consultancies for WES Canada.
  3. We need the principal attested copies to apply.
  4. Our service charges are: 3000 to 3500 INR.
  5. The entire process will take 5 working days from our end.
    (The time lines changed after May 3rd, 2021)
  6. Once Transcripts are received from the JNTUK, you will be informed and you have to provide WES Reference number.
  7. Then the Transcripts will be shipped to WES Canada/US from the JNTU Kakinada pin code.
  8. Everything will be done as per IQAS/WES policies.