JNTUK New Process for issuing the transcripts:

(Below is the new process cycle of JNTUK after 1st/May/ 2021. College Principal signature is Not required)

1. What’s the change for..?

Since most of the college are closed, getting the college principal signature is not mandatory.
JNTUK doesn’t want their students to travel. Hence it is started accepting self attested documents also from May 1st, 2021.

2. What should I do to start the process?

Take printout of the below documents & do the self attestation on the bottom in blue ink.

  • PC,
  • CMM,
  • JNTUK application form,
  • ID Proof (Passport/ Aadhaar)
  • WES form (for WES applicants only)

3. Done with the above step. What’s next..?
Just email the signed documents to support@100Transcripts.com for a review. If everything is looking fine then you will get our Kakinada center address.

4. Oh.. then..?
You need to courier the above signed documents to our Kakinada center. Our team will receive and go to the JNTUK and process the documents.

5. Looking good. Is that it?🥱
Here is the major twist..

Electronic Transcripts: JNTUK will print, scan & send via email to the WES/ IQAS/ ICES/ ICA/ ICES etc..

Physical Transcripts: After JNTUK printing the Transcripts, they will dispatch directly to the candidates local address in 10-20 working days thru the registered post.

Payment Details of JNTUK:

Service charge3500/- (Physical Transcripts)
4500/- (for WES applicants)
University Fee45/doc (Physical Transcripts)
2140/- (for WES Electronic Transcripts)
TAT as per JNTUK10-20 working days
*Each extra set costs 370/-

8. Bro, hold on. I am not in India✈, I can not do signature part & send the hard copies from here.
NRIs usually take the help of friends/ family to get these things done.

Note: Free service for pregnant women & physically-disabled people.