JNTUK New Process:

(Below is the new process cycle of JNTUK after Covid. Principal signature is not required but applicant self attested documents)

Step 1:-

-> a. Please drop an email with the self attested documents to our email ID JNTUKtranscripts@gmail.com for the initial screening.

-> b. We will share our Kakinada center address.

-> c. Applicants have to dispatch the self attested documents to our Kakinada center.

-> d. We will apply your documents at JNTUK.

-> e. JNTUK Admin will dispatch the printed Transcripts to the Applicants Local address directly in 20 to 30 working days.

Below steps are for WES Applicants only:

-> f. Then the applicant needs to dispatch the Transcripts back to our Kakinada center.

-> g. Once we receive the Transcripts from you, we will arrange the shipping FROM JNTUK address TO WES.

-> h. You will receive the International DHL Tracking from our end at the end.

Step 2:-  Self attested documents Needed for JNTUK:

1. CMM or year wise marks memos copies,
2. OD or PC,
3. WES form for Canada immigrants,
4. Aadhaar/ Passport.
5. JNTUK Transcripts application form.

Step 3:-  Payment Details of JNTUK:

Service charge3500
University Fee+
DHL Shipping
Canada/ US
TAT as per JNTUK20 to 30 working days
  • 2000 INR is the Initial payment before starting the process and rest can be paid before shipping the Transcripts.
  • 370/- INR for each extra set.