Kakatiya University

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KU Transcripts fee is very high compared to any other university. So before going to the KU campus, bring only what are the documents needed for WES Canada/IQAS.

1. CMM/ Consolidated Marks Memo/ Year wise marks memos.
2. Provisional/ Original degree/ Convocation.

3. WES form (for WES applicants).
Only photo copies of the above are required. No need to bring Originals.


Visit KU Adminstration building, and show your photo copies.
Each course have different departments to verify your copies. Admin staff will guide you in which department you need to show your copies.

Then they will cross verify the below with their own data base.
1. Your roll number.
2. Internal marks.
3. External marks.
4. Practicals.
* Once the above criteria is matching they will give a stamp says ‘VERIFIED AND FOUND CORRECT’ as below.

  • Once the stamp is done, KU staff will suggest you how much DD challan to take.
  • Then go to university pay the suggested Challan.
  • Then the registrar will give his signature in the Admin building and handed over to the staff. They will inform you when to come to collect the Transcripts.

Sealed Transcripts sample


Our door delivery services starts from Rs. 3500/- for KAKATIYA University and travel to the Warangal on behalf of our customers to get transcripts for Canada, WES evaluation. 
Please call us @ +91 9941 9914 02
or ping us in WhatsApp for a quick reply

*No worries.  Our charges are very reasonable and equal to your expenses 
-DD challan,
-Prints & Covers,
-Travel to KU,
-And no delivery charges with in India. 

*Candidates will receive the transcripts in a sealed envelope at their doorstep in a 7 days of time.

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