How to apply Kakatiya University Transcripts


STEP 1: Transcripts should be applied at counter number 6 in examination branch of Kakatiya University.
STEP 2: Then pay the challan for the transcripts at counter number 6 or online
challan and memos xerox copies to submitt in counter number 6.
STEP 3: Visit after 15 to 20 days for the transcripts.
Later they will provide you with copies of stamped and signed transcript certificates in their format in a sealed cover duly stamped.If everything goes well, you will receive your Transcripts in 15 or 20 days.Kakatiya University doesn’t has the provision of sending the Transcripts directly to WES,
you need to collect it from the University.
Kakatiya University
Sealed Envelope
Back Side

Easy Move:

Kakatiya University Transcripts Process

Take prints of the CMM (Consolidated Marks Memo), OD &DownloadWES form 📝, Sample 📝. Reach out to counter no. 6 in Kakatiya University Campus📍

Take Prints
->meet KU counter 6 staff
->They provide Payment details
->go to SBI(📍Location)
->Take DD
->Submit receipt
->visit after 15 working days
->collect the Transcripts.
Story over.

Of course, That’s the status standard format for any university in India.Kakatiya University Transcripts

Once you show the documents they will calculate and ask you to make the payment in the near by SBI bank (or) Online Challan
Transcripts fee for each document is Rs. 75/- charges 35/-

Yes, if you are including WES form/ any other External company forms, it costs Rs. 3000/-

Up to 15-20 working days.

You need to arrange the courier from the campus with the same KU pin code 

Try contacting Kakatiya University Admin directly @
or you can ping us in WhatsApp 

For any queries:
+91 9941 9914 02. 

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